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  • Builds longer, leaner muscles and a strong core
  • Develops balanced muscles and is easy on the joints
  • Reduces risk for injury
  • Energizes, increases stamina, and relieves stress
  • Increases flexibility so muscles will work more efficiently
  • Improves performance in daily life and various athletics

Pilates Classes

Below are the types of pilates classes that we offer.

CORE Mat Pilates

In this mat Pilates class, we will work on the entire body to balance all muscle groups, increase flexibility and strength, with an emphasis on the core. CORE is a contemporary studio that preserves the original technique, while incorporating modern knowledge to improve your fitness. Props like the magic circle, weights, bands, and stability balls are used.

Express Mat Pilates

Join us for a powerful 45-minute Pilates mat class during your lunch break. Come lengthen and strengthen your muscles and leave feeling energized for the second half of your day! All fitness levels welcome. Mats and equipment are provided.

Barre Pilates

The powerhouse of your body is your CORE. We will challenge your CORE using the principles of Pilates thru the excitement and diversity of the barre, stability balls, rings, and more! All levels are welcome, but only if you want to lengthen, strengthen, and challenge your muscles.

Upright Pilates

Join in on this 45-minute, fun, standing Pilates class! This class will strengthen your legs, arms, and CORE, while improving your balance and stability. This class incorporates weights, bands, and a Pilates ring.

Happy Hour Class of Pilates Reformer/CORE TRX Pilates

Enjoy Pilates Reformer and CORE Suspend Pilates without the cost of private training! This class will be placed on the schedule at different times during the week. Check daily to see if this Happy Hour class will fit into your schedule. Class limited to 3.

Pilates + Multi-Directional Movement

We take the teachings of Joseph Pilates to the next level by integrating the latest techniques in myofascial mobilization. Join us for this dynamic movement experience as we increase strength, flexibility, and body awareness to heal the body and thrive in all our physical pursuits.