Mat Pilates and Reformer Training


  • Builds longer, leaner muscles & a Strong Core!
  • Develops balanced muscles, & is easy on the joints
  • Reduces risk for injury
  • Energizes, increases stamina and relieves stress
  • Increases flexibility so muscles will work more efficiently
  • Improves performances in daily life and all athletics


How does Pilates differ from other forms of exercise?

First of all, Pilates is a low impact strength workout, whether you are in a class setting or on a Pilates Reformer.  In Mat Pilates we use the Pilates Ring, toning balls, bands, and the Pilates Orbit. Students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds will learn to work their entire body symmetrically, which will improve posture and core stability.

studio-reformer-maleAs you bring your body into balance, you decrease the risk of injury and reduce pain. For this reason, the Pilates method is incorporated into many rehabilitation programs. Clinicians, surgeons, sports medicine clinics and athletic trainers are realizing the positive effects Pilates exercises have on restoring a body back to health.

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You will find this class is never dull and always evolving to challenge your body to the fullest while using Joseph Pilates 8 principles to train your Entire Body.  Pilates strengthens the Core, improves balance, increases coordination and reduces stress through mind/ body connection during a full body workout.

All levels are welcome. Modifications are given by the instructor for each level.  Please click here to view, schedule, and buy classes

CARDIO–Barre & More
The powerhouse of your body is your CORE!
This class will work your CORE using the principles of Pilates through the diversity of the barre, stability balls, rings & much more... This is an exciting , energizing, and ever- changing class.

All levels are welcome, but only if you want to strengthen, length and tone your muscles.  Please click here to view schedule, and buy classes.

The most versatile piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer provides an energizing whole body workout with over 500 exercises while improving strength, flexibility and coordination.  Developed by Joseph Pilates in 1926, this machine addresses virtually every part of the body for clients from the novice to the Super fit!  Guided sessions are available for individuals or partners.  Our Jump Board Blast classes are done on the Pilates Reformer.

Please click here to schedule and buy personal or partner sessions.


We are excited to offer Balanced Body equipment.  Balanced Body® is the world’s largest manufacturer of Pilates equipment. The company was the first to substantially update Joseph Pilates' equipment with state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology.