Class Descriptions

Reformer Jump Board Blast

30 Minutes of High Intensity Jump Board Blast on the Pilates Reformer
30 minutes

RealRyder Cycle

It's time to get "unstationary"! TURN, TILT, LEAN as you ride! As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a more comprehensive, total body workout- special emphasis on activating essential CORE muscles. Burning 20% more calories compared to a stationary take the training wheels OFF your bike!

1 hour


CORE Pilates

All levels welcome, with options given by the instructor for each level. Pilates works the Entire body thru focusing your mind & body. Incorporating the Pilates method, you will strengthen, tone,& gain flexibility in a class that's ever changing to keep your body healthy!
1 hour

Express Reformer Training

30 Minutes Reformer training that moves quickly to get as much in as possible!
30 minutes

CoreFit Boot Camp with Orbit

A cardio infused class that improves your agility, strength and balance using functional training techniques with weights Bosu balls and the Orbit. The New Orbit will challenge your CORE working in linear and circular movements to keep your CORE muscles engaged, stretched and strenghtened.
1 hour

CORE Barre

The Powerhouse of your body is your CORE! We will challenge your CORE using the principles of Pilates thru the excitement and diversity of the barre, stability balls, rings & more!
All levels welcome, but only if you want to lengthen, strengthen and challenge your muscles!
1 hour

CORE Sampler

A Great well rounded workout! This class will re-energize, re-focus & re-group your mind, body and CORE! So, if you like sampler salads (or platters) this is just for you! Using the best of Pilates technique while incorporating the Bosu & stability balls, Orbits, weights, Barre, Pilates rings and resistance tubing! Oh what your muscles will be saying!
45 minutes

RYDE & Roll

HALF & HALF...makes your body WHOLE! Half hour of RealRyder, awesome Cardio with engagement of your CORE...followed by half hour of ORBIT, develop fabulous CORE strength and finish with stretching!! ? Your Body will be Smiling!
1 hour


What most people think of as simply "yoga" is the branch of yoga called hatha yoga. This class combines breathwork (pranayama) with a variety of physical postures (asanas) and deep relaxation (savasana). Asanas are held for a number of breaths to allow students the opportunity to open and release into the pose. This series is specifically designed to create a balance of strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Our hatha classes are eclectic, inspired by a number of different styles of yoga. All levels are welcome and variations will be offered so more advanced students can move deeper into the asanas.
1 hour

CORE Athlon

3 Great workouts in one!! WOW! 20 minutes of RealRyder to start your heart pounding, 20 min. Of Bootcamp, to increase the calorie burn, 20 min of CORE Finish Strong & supple!
1 hour

RealFyder Plus Pilates

45 minutes of a rockin' RYDE and 15 minutes of Pilates work & stretch!! Complete Full Body Workout!! YAY!
1 hour

CORE Yoga/Pilates

A smooth combination of Hatha Yoga and Pilates that every level of fitness can accomplish.

CORE Suspend

CORE SUSPEND focuses on suspension exercises applying overall principles of stability. CORE SUSPEND builds on the CORE BARRE fundamentals of focus, precision and strength by further emphasizing stability, flexibility and coordination with it’s unique suspension exercises. These exercises are designed to develop a consciousness of each of the muscle groups in the body and their respective functioning in balance with one another. CORE SUSPEND offers a full range of exercises for private a group sessions as well as therapeutic applications for rehabilitation.