Our Fitness Equipment

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-6-04-53-pmPilates Reformers:
The reformer offers all the famous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things in turn lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain. When we talk about strength building and Pilates the Pilates powerhouse muscles, the muscles of the core, are paramount. Flat abs, strong backs, toned buttock and thighs are all results of this emphasis.

CORE Suspend:
CORE SUSPEND focuses on suspension exercises applying overall principles of stability.  CORE SUSPEND  builds on the CORE BARRE fundamentals of focus, precision and strength by further emphasizing stability, flexibility and coordination with it’s unique suspension exercises.  These exercises are designed to develop a consciousness of each of the muscle groups in the body and their respective functioning in balance with one another. screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-5-26-46-pmCORE SUSPEND offers a full range of exercises for private a group sessions as well as therapeutic applications for rehabilitation.  Smart Movement® Instructors will benefit from the course as their repertoire of teaching will be enhanced by the knowledge and skills introduced in the course and it’s practical applications.

dsc_2898-1webBalanced Body Orbits:
Roll through a fun, full-body workout that strengthens, stretches and challenges on multiple planes!
Orbit™ exercises include both circular and linear movements, and range from mild to complex. It’s an amazing core workout because your abdominal muscles are always engaged. You will also increase upper body and lower body strength, and improve flexibility and balance. An all-around great mind-body workout.

Balanced Body Arcs:
The Balanced Body Arc is an essential Pilates tool that can be used to perform exercises lengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulders, back and legs while correcting or restoring the spine’s natural curvature.
dsc_2882webAn ideal piece of equipment for aligning and mobilizing the spine, the Spine Corrector can also assist with improving posture.

The Hooked on Pilates HANDIBANDS (latex free) will tone your body with Pilates-inspired exercises!  With the set of green HANDIBANDS, you are able to mimic reformer and cadillac exercises typically done at a Pilates studio. They can also be used in conjunction with traditional Pilates equipment.

dsc_2941-1webBosu Ball:
The Bosu Ball is known industry-wide for training balance, building strength, fine tuning skills for sport, enhancing flexibility, and delivering killer cardio workouts, the BOSU® Ball challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movement that requires muscle groups to work together. We use the BOSU ball to improve balanced and join stability.

dsc_2781webRealRyder Bikes:
The RealRyder bike is like no other bike on the planet. The unique and patented frame technology lets you turn as you ride to fully engage your body. Turning the RealRyder bike increases your heart rate 20 to 25%. You are also increasing your core strength while getting a great cardio workout. Not to mention the class is so much fun!

CORE also has:
hand weights, toning balls, the Pilates ring, a ballet barre, stability balls, and tubing.