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RealRyder Cycling

It’s time to get “un-stationary” on our bikes! TURN, TILT, and LEAN as you ride. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you will benefit from this comprehensive, total body workout with special emphasis on activating essential CORE muscles. Burn 20% more calories compared to a stationary bike. Take the training wheels off your bike and join us!

Cycling Classes

Below are the types of cycling classes that we offer.

Ryde & Roll

Start with 40 minutes of RealRyder cycling and finish with 20 minutes of Orbit. RealRyder bikes tilt and turn to mimic a road bike plus develop fabulous CORE strength. The Orbit works your CORE like nothing else. Your body will be smiling!

RealRyder + Weights

Looking for a powerful cardio and strength workout? Ride on our top-of-the line RealRyder bikes for 35 minutes, then transition to strength work with adjustable kettlebells and/or hand weights. Best of both worlds!

RealRyder + Pilates

40 minutes of a rockin' RYDE, 20 minutes of Pilates work, and a much-deserved stretch. Complete full-body workout!

RealRyder + Yoga

Benefit from the best of both! 30 minutes of RealRyder cycling and 30 minutes of yoga. All levels welcome.

Other Classes

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Private Training

Group Bootcamp